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Micah 3: 6-12

Micah demonstrates courage as he declares the sin of the religious and political leaders in Israel. While more profitable to do otherwise, Micah claims spiritual power as he calls a spade a spade and predicts the destruction of Jerusalem. His message is a message for us also: God will not ignore sin forever.

Created in the Image of God 3

Fallen isn’t the end of the story. Christ is. As we live our lives in Christ we are being transformed into his image. That means we ought ot look more like Christ each day. That is quite a challenge and we will ever attain it completely in this life, but we will someday be made […]

Created in the Image of God 2

Genesis 3:1-13 We are created in the image of Gd, but that image s severely because of sin. The sin humankind, for which we are responsible, was a game changer. We now live as fallen creatures created in the image of God rather than as creatures created in the image of God. The word “fallen” […]