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Sermons by Pastor Bruce (Page 2)

“There Is Unity In Community”

We talk about the church being “the body of Christ” and  Paul writes about it in this passage (1 Cor. 12:12-20;24b-27). As people who grew up with a “Western” mindset, however, we tend to be very individualistic. Still we are a community; one body. We celebrate that today as we celebrate the sacrament on the […]

How Then Shall We Live

The Two Great Commandments, often referred to as a summary of the law, ought to be the basis of how we live. People wear WWJD bracelets to remind them to ask the question, “What would Jesus do?” when they are met with difficult decisions. We might equally well ask, “how can I show love for […]

Remind, Restore, Refocus

Sabbath Rest Labor Day, which was originally established as a celebration of labor, is not most often enjoyed as a break from work. The need for a day of rest is hardly a new thing. God thought of that idea at the time of creation and Jesus helped to define it in his conversation with […]

Micah 3: 6-12

Micah demonstrates courage as he declares the sin of the religious and political leaders in Israel. While more profitable to do otherwise, Micah claims spiritual power as he calls a spade a spade and predicts the destruction of Jerusalem. His message is a message for us also: God will not ignore sin forever.

Created in the Image of God 3

Fallen isn’t the end of the story. Christ is. As we live our lives in Christ we are being transformed into his image. That means we ought ot look more like Christ each day. That is quite a challenge and we will ever attain it completely in this life, but we will someday be made […]