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“But I just want it to turn out well” I said to my husband when he asked why it was taking so long to paint the doors. We are finishing our basement and it was my job to paint them and then he would hang them. Yet when we talked about it I too realized that I was spending way too much time painting. I was using a 4” roller and spent about 30 minutes on each side, three coats of paint per side and had ten doors to do. Some parts of the doors looked really good while other parts looked dull and shadowy. His solution: he took a picture of the door and showed it to a professional. “You are doing it all wrong. You should be using a 9” roller, rolling it on quickly and then finishing up with a brush.” I tried it and you know what?
It looks so much better and in a lot less time. Sometimes it can be hard to ask for help and sometimes you don’t even know you need to ask for help. This got me thinking of how many times I have said, “Let me know if you need help” to someone who was sick, sad, lonely, etc. Maybe instead I should be saying, “I’ll bring over a meal, let’s get together this week, let me pick up that prescription for you,” etc. How about you? Don’t wait to be asked, but look for ways that you can help.